Welcome to Euklid, the 5-axis-milling pioneers!

NC Data & Simulation

The central component of EUKLID GearCAM is the generation of NC data and the exact simulation of the same.

Postprocessors - Made by experts

The configurable postprocessor loads the milling path of the tool, calculated by EUKLID GearCAM, and creates the CNC data in a machine-readable form.

For each project, the postprocessor provides a complete documentation, including tool and milling lists. NC programs may be combined or administrated individually for roughing, finishing or other machining programs.

The Euklid GearCAM Postprocessor will be adapted specially for you, according to your preferences and needs. Regardless of whose machine you are using, we will customize an individual postprocessor for you and will happily provide on-site support for you.

Simulation - Shows immediately any problems

The milling simulation offers excellent control of the machining process: graphically, numerically and collision controlled. In EUKLID GearCAM you may use cutting simulation as well as machine simulation.

Cutting Simulation:
Starting with the slug and the given NC data, the removed material is calculated, the residual material is displayed and a collision check for tools is executed.

Machine Simulation:
The focus here is on the movement of the machining center and is of particular importance for 5-axis machining. In addition to the collision check of the tools, the machine parts are collision controlled.

Cutting simulation - Simulation of the tool movements

The cutting simulation calculates and displays the complete milling process starting with the slug. EUKLID GearCAM fully simulates the machining on a 5-axis machine. The milling data are based on exact calculation of the given parameters, within the software.

A great number of analyzing functions control:

  • slug
  • workpiece
  • tool
  • tool holder

The results are graphically represented and also listed in tables.

Cutting simulation is an ideal tool to quickly check functions and input. Collisions or inaccuracies may be analyzed and removed at once to ensure fast work with the software.

Roughing allows one to position the tool graphically and thereby achieving most efficient material removal. For the optimized finishing tool paths, you may control the strict observance of the tolerances.

Machine simulation - Know in advance what the machine is doing!

Machine simulation allows the user to visualize the outcome of the NC program. It serves as final control before the program will be transferred to the machine. EUKLID GearCAM checks the possible occurrence of collisions with the machine. The calculation and projection of the target-actual comparison can be set to any level of accuracy desired.

A great number of analyzing functions simulate and control:

  • slug, work piece, tool and tool holder
  • machine part as 3-clamps chuck and milling head
  • Machine movements in all axes

Though many parameters may be set to influence the cutting simulation, it is still simple and intuitive to understand. EUKLID GearCAM shows you (with a precision of only a few microns) how the surfaces should look after machining.