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A revolution in efficiency and flexibility. InvoMilling™ is an innovative software module, developed with our partner Sandvik Coromant. The module combines all important aspects of gear manufacturing. InvoMilling™ guarantees the highest accuracy, economical manufacturing and user friendly handling.

InvoMilling™ is the newest Euklid product presented in the market. Compared with other manufacturing processes, it saves a lot of time. InvoMilling™ is highly efficient for many areas of operations: E.g. for prototype wheels, for manufacturing small or medium-sized batches, as well for replacement gears or special purpose wheels in special materials.

Parameter input - Enter settings for the milling operation

The gear wheel parameters are entered and easily checked using several user friendly InvoMilling™ masks. These masks allow the user total control over the software and the setting of all important machine parameters.

CAM tool paths - Generation of optimal machining paths

After the definition of the necessary parameters the tool paths are calculated and the machining working step is completed. It's up to you to create individual NC programs for every machining step or to combine several or all machining steps into one NC program

The tool paths are calculated according to the CAD data and adhere strictly to the machining settings. After transferring of the NC program to the machining control, machining may start.

Tool selection - Disc cutters for InvoMilling™ processing

Sandvik's disk cutters, CoroMill 161 and CoroMill 162, allow the machining of wide-ranging modules with only one cutter, without wasting setup-time.

Due to tool size, gear wheel diameters up to 700 mm are possible. Further advantages of these cutters are high stability and durability, leading to a high quality level for the gear wheel.

Of course, all standard disk cutters may be used as well for this method, allowing one to machine even higher modules and diameters. Inside the software, the disk cutter may be modified according to your needs.