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CAM Machining

The ease of 5-axis gear milling

A gear wheel, with its 15 to 100 tooth spaces of identical geometry and properties, corresponds to a small batch in machining. Subject to the given tolerances, EUKLID GearCAM optimizes the milling paths to get a minimum number of paths while strictly adhering to the tolerances. The cutting and performance data may be loaded from a configurable tool database.

Processing selection

The figure gives you an overview of the CAM dialog. The dialog is part of the navigation tree in the main graphic window and consists of several machining steps, making it easy to have a clear view of all important functions and to make modifications in a comfortable way.

EUKLID GearCAM assistant with task CAD definition with working steps: Roughing, Finishing Involute, Finishing Root and Deburring. One click starts the CAD dialog.

The icons in the graphic window symbolize the following functions:

  • Opens the roughing dialog window to create a new roughing step.

  • Opens the finishing dialog window to create a new finishing step.

  • Opens the cltx dialog window to create a new machining data file, containing the previous machining steps.

  • Re-calculation of all machining steps after a modification of the geometry or the slug.

  • A click opens the cutting simulation allowing the control of all machining steps in detail.

  • Opens the NC dialog where one enters all settings for the later NC program.

  • Opens a detailed data project data sheet containing all relevant gear data and NC data, such as tools used, etc.

CAM input masks - Easy, fast and clearly

Several input masks allow the user to enter or to modify parameter values in an easy way. Here you select the machining strategy, tools, tolerances and offsets.

In a first step you will modify the tolerances and offsets, preset in the input fields. The options tab serves to preset various settings for later machining. The selection of the machining strategy, as well as the sectors to be machined, forms the base of each machining process. When these settings are entered, only the adequate tools must be selected.

Selection of the ideal tool

Tool selection is organized by the tool manager and may be customized for your company. Each tool will be saved with its own tool number and individual technology data. Furthermore, the tool manager contains the holder database where all holders used in your company may be saved.

Entering the exact holder data allows one to later simulate exactly the real machining situation and to recognize possible collisions before machining is started. Besides the current end mills you may use conical end mills or disk cutters, such as Sandvik's CoroMill cutters or standard disk cutters.

Generate the optimal tool paths

After the definition of the machining process, the tool paths are calculated and the machining working step is completed. The tool paths are calculated according to the CAD data and depend strictly on the machining settings. EUKLID GearCAM optimizes the milling paths to get a minimum number of paths, saving as much machining time as possible.

Programm creation - Adjusting the milling strategies and methods

Before the creation of the first NC program, the NC dialog allows the user to preset values for the later NC programs. Here, all machining steps are listed and useful information, such as machining time, tool used, etc. is displayed. Here you may customize and optimize your programs according to your needs.

Several drop down boxes allow the selection of NC strategies and machining groups, leading to optimum use of your machining time. Furthermore, the number of teeth to be machined and the sequence of their machining, is entered here.