Processing Selection

Selection of the milling processing

The figure gives you an overview of the CAM dialog. The dialog is part of the navigation tree in the main graphic window and consists of several machining steps, making it easy to have a clear view of all important functions and to make modifications in a comfortable way.


EUKLID GearCAM assistant with task CAD definition. One click starts the CAD dialog.

The icons in the graphic window symbolize the following functions:



- Opens the roughing dialog window to create a new roughing step.



- Opens the finishing dialog window to create a new finishing step.



- Opens the cltx dialog window to create a new machining data file, containing the previous machining steps.


- Re-calculation of all machining steps after a modification of the geometry or the slug.



- A click opens the cutting simulation allowing the control of all machining steps in detail.


- Opens the NC dialog where one enters all settings for the later NC program.



- Opens a detailed data project data sheet containing all relevant gear data and NC data, such as tools used, etc.