CAD Input Mask

Easy parameter input by predetermined masks

In the beginning, one enters the basic data of the gear wheels into the designated input fields, as module, helix angle, etc. On demand, each input field displays an explaining text with graphic.


The navigation bar at the upper border of the mask is divided into several tabs. These tabs organize all important CAD functions and make it easy to enter modifications if necessary.

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In a second step the protuberance will be defined. This can be done by a standard reference profile which fixes the parameters predefined by DIN standards. Or you may choose to enter and control all important parameters such as angle, radius and height yourself. Furthermore, you may define a tip chamfer with defined angle and distance, easy to mill using the InvoMilling™ procedure, and as a result a great saving of time.


The protuberance is a useful tool to avoid e.g. abrasive burning. In addition, a protuberance is very convenient for leaving a defined allowance on the flanks, to compensate material distortion produced by hardening.

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