CAD Flank Corrections

Define corrections exactly

Flank corrections (width crowning, height crowning, tip relief, foot relief) play an important role for gear machining. On one side, flank corrections may be introduced to minimize the noise of the rotating gear pair, and on the other side they may equalize an imbalance of power.


flank corrections: (width crowning, height crowning, tip relief, foot relief)
Table with double-sided flank corrections: Width crowning, Height crowning, Tip relief and Foot relief.


Each type of gear is based on specific parameters, which must comply with different standards. In addition, a variety of corrections exist for the tooth flanks. EUKLID GearCAM provides a simple way to enter user-data and save any state of a project without loss of accuracy. Among other possibilities, simulation presents perhaps one of the best ways to check your input data.


Input Masks for Flank Corrections

Simulation Herringbone: Detail with flank corrections
Simulation Herringbone: Detail with flank corrections

The user friendly input mask allows even a beginner to find his way, even if flank corrections are a complex issue. The input mask allows each flank to be adjusted individually, providing a comfortable way to enter different correction values for load and rear flanks.


Furthermore, one may adjust each side of a double helical or herringbone gear individually. You may even add as many corrections as you like, one after the other. The corrections are transferred one-to-one to the involute and may be checked via simulation or visual control of the engaging flanks, as shown in the next figure.

Click to enlarge image. The input masks at the Herringbone allows wide range of flank corrections.