Our Products

We set highest standards, too. And we are proud to reach them.

Within our software, simple and intuitive handling is no contradiction to reach the highest levels of your machine’s potential. And to a workpiece with highest surface quality. Today, machining simple parts is not an art anymore. But if it gets more difficult, the best choice is EUKLID.


In the year 1970, Prof. Max Engeli and his EUKLID team were some of the earliest pioneers in the field of CAD/CAM. Because the milling of curved surfaces is so complex, it demanded high-performance software. Whether it be impellers, tire profiles or turbine blades, “can’t” was never an option with us. With the easy-to-use graphic interface we developed, your staff can make use of your 5-axis milling machine with no time-consuming training. The know how is designed into the system. Our newest product, introduced into the market in 2010, is EUKLID GearCAM, for machining gear wheels on 4- or 5-axis standard milling machines.