5-Axis Finishing

The extensive milling strategies offered by EUKLID CAD/CAM fulfill all your finishing demands: 16 main strategies and several secondary and rest removal strategies achieve the desired optimum results: The highly effective 5-Axis finishing with spherical, shaft, and torus cutters generally produces good surface qualities and is a core competence of EUKLID CAD/CAM. Many powerful milling strategies are offered:

  • Finishing with milling paths calculation in parallel planes
  • u,v-finishing
  • Tracing single paths (groove tracing, region boundary tracing, contour projection tracing, or u,v polygon tracing)
  • Point approach
  • Milling 3-axis paths with 5 axis strategy
  • Z-level finishing
  • and finally: parallel to a guide surface
  • as well as several roll-off strategies

These wide-ranging milling functions fulfill every special demand. Some strategies are geometry-oriented; others use a guide surface to define the milling paths. Furthermore, there are special functions, for example to machine rotary work pieces. 

Rest removal strategies: 
The residual surfaces (grooves), not millable with the biggest cutter, will be machined with one or a sequence of smaller cutters. This combination of main, secondary and rest removal strategy results in an excellent milling surface and high surface quality.