One of EUKLID’s strengths!

EUKLID CAD/CAM offers a wide range of strategies for 5-axis milling, allowing users to consistently achieve the desired surface quality. All functions are designed to enable even beginners to produce a 5-axis milling program easily, while at the same time allowing sophisticated, complex machining.

For example, unmilled residual material is automatically recognized and taken into account for further processing.

The various milling strategies satisfy every requirement. As for the 3-axis machining, regions for special machining may be defined. Of course, all milling paths are collision free, even faulty surfaces or undercuts will never lead to injuries of the workpiece. It’s simple to control the cutter axis, making 5-axis milling easy.

The most important characteristics are:

  • support for all cutter types (spherical, shaft, and torus cutters)
  • surface-guided tool axis
  • "quiet" axial movement through specification of an axis control geometry
  • relative positioning angles (inclination and tilt angles)
  • collision check and correction (linear and rotary)
  • extended approach strategies
  • milling of helical and spiral paths (helical milling)