Our Support-Team

Assits you in each situation

We support you from the installation of the software, through the training over the process introduction in your house. With pleasure we will help your employees to understand the software completely and to use the full range of the possibilities and advantages.


- Centrally accessible telephone-hotline


- Remote maintenance


- On-site management


- Continuous development of the software


- Providing Updates


Continuous development of the software will provide you from time to time with updates. These updates incorporate customer wishes and the newest market requirements as well as the removal of errors. If desired, an employee of our support-team will installing the updates and trains your employees to keeps them up to date.


Our telephone-hotline facilitated you to a fast contacting in our normal office time. In important cases our support-team will take the control of your computer via remote maintenance and can support you in this way, to reach the best result.