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Machining free-form surfaces. As precise as a Swiss watch!

Some CAD/CAM visions can only be understood by experts. Our visions make you an expert: EUKLID has been offering solutions since 1970. Solutions which other producers have been unable to develop. Today 5-axis milling machines are common, but it is difficult to find 5-axis milling experts. Euklid software and our specialists make it easier for you to work with the milling machine ... because 40 years of expert knowledge pays off!

Today’s milling machines are very powerful and have the potential to do more than just standard jobs. On the other hand, current CAM systems do not make use of their full capabilities. The more complex the job is, the more important mathematics becomes. The exactitude and quality present in Euklid’s software solutions, coupled with the brain power of your dialog partners, really helps you and your staff.

Ask Euklid, ask us. Challenge us! Each surface-milling job, even the most complicated ones, has its solution. It’s only a question of the correct software and of the experts supporting you.

Our products


EUKLID CAD/CAM is a highly efficient 3D CAD/CAM system for tool, mold and model making which, in the long run, guarantees you important cost, time and quality advantages.


In the past, gearing was of little importance for CAD/CAM systems. Euklid CAD/CAM AG now offers an easy to use module for the economical manufacturing of gear wheels on universal milling machines, e.g. for prototype wheels, for special purpose wheels or as replacements in a large gear box. And in all these cases with uncompromising accuracy.

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